Where to wear your Christmas Jumper!

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Got your annual Christmas Jumper ready? Looking for a place to wear it where the atmosphere will be as jolly, tac-tastic and festively fun as your outfit?! Featuring Look magazine’s ‘Christmas Jumper Barometer’ here’s some London venues and events that will keep up  with your cute ‘Winter Warmers’, fun ‘Feeling Festive’ and light-up, tac-tastic ‘Christmas Crazy’ jumpers…

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Fashion… The new category

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As one of the ‘big four’ fashion capitals, London has major influence over the international fashion scene. Londoners are famous for their risk-taking fashion, edgy confident looks and classic brands. Let’s not forget that from Britain came Vivienne Westwood’s punk rein, Burberry’s classic collections and Kate Moss’ world recognised style.

So as a ‘fashion forward’ nation, as opposed to hearing, ‘what to wear to an event’, I hear more and more the dilemma of ‘I’ve bought a new fantastic outfit but I’m not sure where to wear it?!’  

This new Ambience category aims to provide a ‘go to guide’ of amazing and appropriate places to wear your new fashion looks. Featuring collections from the most prestigious fashion brands, influential fashion bloggers and up and coming fashion designers, this spot is soon to be filled with the best festivals to wear your new boho style, chic city bars to display your tailored bravura and breath-taking event spaces to parade your dream frocks.

So hold tight fashionistas… It’s coming soon!

GOLD Restaurant by Dolce and Gabbana, Milan

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The power of the brand is constantly growing, developing and evolving in our modern day society. As a marketer, it’s an idea that intrigues me particularly when explored in relation to events and hospitality. So a restaurant built with a concept to combine a luxurious fashion brand with Italian cuisine is in my opinion, worth jet-setting for.
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