Ideas for creating a twinkling garden party

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These warm summer evenings provide the perfect opportunity to invite friends to a twinkling dinner party. Below is a collection of inspirational images, including some simple (and some rather extravagant!) ways to create a magical ambience in your garden- a midsummer night’s dream… Backyard chic! My final word? It’s all in the lighting…
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Fashion… The new category

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As one of the ‘big four’ fashion capitals, London has major influence over the international fashion scene. Londoners are famous for their risk-taking fashion, edgy confident looks and classic brands. Let’s not forget that from Britain came Vivienne Westwood’s punk rein, Burberry’s classic collections and Kate Moss’ world recognised style.

So as a ‘fashion forward’ nation, as opposed to hearing, ‘what to wear to an event’, I hear more and more the dilemma of ‘I’ve bought a new fantastic outfit but I’m not sure where to wear it?!’  

This new Ambience category aims to provide a ‘go to guide’ of amazing and appropriate places to wear your new fashion looks. Featuring collections from the most prestigious fashion brands, influential fashion bloggers and up and coming fashion designers, this spot is soon to be filled with the best festivals to wear your new boho style, chic city bars to display your tailored bravura and breath-taking event spaces to parade your dream frocks.

So hold tight fashionistas… It’s coming soon!

Love Brunch

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‘Generation Y’, ‘Generation Me’, ‘Boomerang Teens’ and ‘Millenials’ are all delightful titles given to a generation that’s been subject to many negatives… Mountainous student loans, intangible jobs, delirious renting costs and the infuriating gangman style video.

However in true British style we’ve found ways to rise above the depression. We Party… Read More


Starting On A Good Note… Salon D’ete

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Despite being a pop up venue that closed 3 years ago it feels appropriate for me to begin this blog by paying tribute to such an event.

Salon D’ete was a 1930’s themed pop up venue that ran in the summer months of 2010. Hidden away on Duke Street above the members club ‘L’Equipe Anglaise’, when you entered you embarked upon a secret garden bursting with canopies of ivy, falling beams of hazed light and luscious palm trees. The room depicted a scene from Casablanca with the décor, staff costumes and entertainment all echoing the artistic class and elegance of the 1930’s. Read More