Love Brunch

By March 1, 2013Events (past)

‘Generation Y’, ‘Generation Me’, ‘Boomerang Teens’ and ‘Millenials’ are all delightful titles given to a generation that’s been subject to many negatives… Mountainous student loans, intangible jobs, delirious renting costs and the infuriating gangman style video.

However in true British style we’ve found ways to rise above the depression. We Party…

In the Day. A new generation of ‘Brunchers’ has been taking over the capital, partying at Kensington Rooftop Gardens, Supperclub, and Beach Blanket Babylon to name a glam few. Not waiting for nightfall to dance away our blues we instead nosh from noon, mingle at midday and drink liquor at lunchtime. Go to chill out or dance hard in a positive vibe with a crowd that just wants to have a good time. It’s a monthly Saturday affair, which chops and changes between cool London venues. Take great friends, be quick to book tickets and be ready to rebel in broad day light … Love Brunch is for our generation only and it’s bloody fabulous.

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