A dear friend of mine recommended a trip to ‘Bounce’ the new ping pong bar in Holborn. Ping pong has never exactly been my forte but regardless, I was intrigued to see how they’d put this space together…

Bounce is not your average hang out. The pitter-patter of bats and balls is accompanied by fantastic electric grooves and old school cheese that has you dancing away as you play.

The bar is lively and the journey to it is an adventure in itself as you dip and dive between ping pong tables and rogue balls. The club’s decor is edgy and vibrant with ping pong memorabilia scattered around and a themed menu to suit; you can sip on a ‘Match Point Margareta’ or demolish a ‘Players Board’ sharing platter with friends. Its creativeness is certainly fitting for the Hatton Garden district. The atmosphere is buzzing and contagious; before long you’ll be posing with your bat for pics and swearing to take up ping pong semi-professionally (although that may have been the Margareta talking…)

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