It’s official… London has gone Great Gatsby!

If you want your dose of the Jazz Age, speakeasy frolics and decadent parties then I’d recommend a visit to the new restaurant, bar and club, 3 Cromwell Road.

Located in South Kensington, 3 Cromwell Road is a three storey Georgian town house, posing on the inside as a 1920’s party house. Howard Spooners’ new club (slightly more north than his famous haunts on Kings Road) is Great Gatsby and pop-art themed. An eclectic mix of art walls all three floors and provides the perfect backdrop for your Friday night antics.

On walking into the drawing room a pianist was sat in the corner playing a grand piano (a great mixture of classic, jazz and current songs). There was a shocking contrast between the large majestic chandelier and the neon tube lighting spelling out Scott Fitzgerald quotes; it created such a quirky, unpredictable ambience it was seductively pensive and I found myself wishing I’d opted for a flapper dress to embody my own Daisy Buchanan. The staff were very friendly and dangerously quick at topping up our wine glasses (served in goblets!) and the mixture of people there was as diverse as the décor! Walking down to the basement club, you walk through a neon pink, lit corridor and almost expect Leo DiCaprio to be stood waiting at the end (sadly on this occasion… he was not). The music was fantastic, a great mix of club classics and remixed 1920’s jazz.

The perfect place for a celebration, this house feels almost magical providing whatever you wish; a couples’ quiet corner next to the fireplace, an extravagant table surrounded by rebellious artwork and flamboyant flower arrangements, or a pumping dance floor alive until 3am. Note, it’s so easy to find being directly opposite the Natural History Museum (if you’re anything like me with no natural sense of direction!) With quotes from the Great Gatsby scribbled on the walls throughout the club, you can’t help but feel encouraged to behave badly… as they say ‘A little party never hurt nobody’.

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