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February 2013


Starting On A Good Note… Salon D’ete

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Despite being a pop up venue that closed 3 years ago it feels appropriate for me to begin this blog by paying tribute to such an event.

Salon D’ete was a 1930’s themed pop up venue that ran in the summer months of 2010. Hidden away on Duke Street above the members club ‘L’Equipe Anglaise’, when you entered you embarked upon a secret garden bursting with canopies of ivy, falling beams of hazed light and luscious palm trees. The room depicted a scene from Casablanca with the décor, staff costumes and entertainment all echoing the artistic class and elegance of the 1930’s. Read More

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Our Romance with Champagne

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Champagne has long been the tipple of choice to accompany our celebrations. Before even popping the cork, the line ‘shall we pop open a bottle of bubbly’ creates a flutter of excitement. James Bond has been seen to drink it 39 times in his movies, Marilyn Monroe was famously said to have bathed in it and even Churchill confessed his own devotion to the bottle “Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!” Its rarity and expense makes it alluring and promiscuous. Its bubbles makes it fun and the flute glass not only accentuates the drink’s aroma but sits as an elegant accessory in your hand.
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Pub Perfection at St Agnes

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It’s already boasted as the best Pub in Scilly but this is without doubt the best pub I’ve been to. The Turks Head is the only pub on St Agnes Island; one of the Isles of Scilly off the Cornish Coast. It’s an unspoilt, peaceful island with a population of under 100. However, you don’t simply stroll to this pub, but sail! Drinkers from neighbouring islands pack into their vessels and anchor up meters from the tavern. It was a fairly sunny day when I visited and I were entertained by live music and the stunning view. We drank the infamous Cornish Rattler Cyder (6%!) until the sun set and enjoyed a tipsy boat ride back to shore. Perfection. Read More